The MGCM Experience


The first step towards your home cleaning experience…

Simply contact Mean Green Clean Machines through one of our many options. The Contact Us Page allows the customer to schedule a home evaluation during a date and time that is most convenient to their personal schedule. We can also be reached through our FaceBook page [Link] or by phone at 240-369-0290.

The home evaluation is a quick walk through the customer’s home during which a Mean Green Clean Machines home estimator, along with the customer, can discuss and record all areas of the home to be cleaned and all tasks to be performed. After which, the MGCM employee will give a competitive quote on the approximate time (in hours) it would take a crew of two MGCM workers to complete a basic clean of the home. Mean Green Clean Machines pricing for per home cleaning are defined on the Pricing page of this site. From this point the customer can decide on the amount of time they want a crew to work and the days and times that they desire the service.

What does this mean for our customers?

A cleaning performed by Mean Green Clean Machines includes a number of amazing features not offered by most other home cleaning services. After a customer decides on the service that best fits their needs their information is converted into a service sheet [sample service sheet] that is specific to each customer. This means that each home serviced by MGCM receives specific tasks and areas of concentration as defined by the customer. Other home cleaners will use the same service sheet containing the same generic information for each of their customers!!! Why? Each customer is unique!!

There’s more…

Mean Green Clean Machines uses a procedure we refer to as Priority Cleaning. Priority Cleaning is performed using a Priority List [sample priority list]. The Priority List is a paper left along with the Service sheet after every clean. The Priority List has a number of uses including adding tasks, focusing on specific areas, and leaving comments. When the customer leaves the Priority List blank, the MGCM crew will complete a standard clean as defined by the personalized Service Sheet. It is your service so use it as you would like.

Your home cleaning experience.

Now that you have set a schedule for your home cleaning service sit back, relax, and enjoy your time in your clean home. A Mean Green Clean Machines crew will arrive in a timely fashion and enter through a method of your choosing. The crew will begin working immediately by first checking your Priority List and accomplishing your most important tasks. From there the team will use the remaining time to then clean all wet areas of your home including bathrooms and the kitchen area. With time remaining the team will clean all other areas of the home. MGCM do not rush through your home. Employees are paid hourly rates and are encouraged to take extra time when needed to accomplish important tasks. Customer satisfaction with our service is highest on our personal Priority List.

Experience the one of a kind Mean Green Clean Machines service for yourself. 240-369-0290