About Us

Our Mission:

Mean Green Clean Machines makes an effort to use products that are not harmful to the environment and are non toxic to our customers. We will work hard so that our customers can trust and enjoy our specialized service. We will provide fair prices for a much needed service. We will respect our customers homes, their belongings within them, and their families that live there.

[picture] Mean Green Clean Machines was founded by Michael Kirby in September of 2013. The goal was to create a better home cleaning service. A home cleaning service that was not commercialized. A business that would not lump each customer together as if all their needs were the same. A service that was also more reliable and more prepared than that of a personal maid. A home cleaning service that could meet any customer need at a fair and competitive price.

Michael Kirby, “I wanted to start something that could do more than what I was seeing being done by other cleaners my friends and family were using. It seemed to me that there was always a list of complaints they had with their service and there was always tasks they wish their service would provide. I decided to take on the challenge head on and I started Mean Green Clean Machines, personally going house to house with one other helper. I made it my goal to figure out the best technique and tools to use to get the job right all while having a personal desire to stay as environmentally safe as possible.”

Through hard work and perseverance Mean Green Clean Machines has stuck to its mission and became the hardest working cleaning business in the area. Mean Green Clean Machines is proud to use several cleaning products that are produced here, by our company, using ingredients that are environmentally safe. Each and every home is unique and therefore each customer receives a personalized service sheet that highlights the areas of their home and the tasks to be completed. We have implemented the use of priority cleaning, a service that allows our customers to use our services to their full potential. Mean Green Clean Machines is confident in our ability to provide a cleaning service unlike any other and do so in an efficient and cost effective manner.